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# # Dungeon Guides # #

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# # Dungeon Guides # #
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Joined: 30 Nov 2013
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Post # # Dungeon Guides # #  Reply with quote
Since we are missing a Guides section still on this Forum ill try to do it this way.
I will post my experiences with dungeons here and formulate it in a sort of guide whenever i can.

Update 04/09/14:
Corrected several things in the Amdapor Guide as well as added a strategy for the Gauntlets.[/u]

Kardor Lichtenfels

WHM: Zenith (Lvl91)
SMN: Zenith (lvl80)
PLD: Zenith (lvl 86)
SCH: (Lvl 86 - Tome of Ifrit)

Culinarian: 50 (Master I)
Weaver: 50
Botanist: 50
Fisher: 50

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Joined: 30 Nov 2013
Posts: 15

Post Lost City of Amdapor Reply with quote
In Order to unlock this Dungeon you have to visit the Conjurers Guild in Gridania. The Guildleader will then bestow a quest upon you called "one night in Amdapor".
Travel to Camp Tranquil and speak with the NPC there, that should be it.

Lost City of Amdapor

Dungeon Style:
Straightforward Tank n` Spank, with a few tricky Spots and tricky Bosses.


Funguars: DPS style Mobs, standard Funguar Skills, didn’t notice anything special

Gremlins: occasional Mob (maybe 3 in the whole Dungeon?) will randomly apply a debuff called “Misery” to a single target, and give colorful insults once defeated.

Misery: Increases the Damage taken by the target, cannot be dispelled by Esuna and Leeches, But apparently the  /soothe Emote can remove it if used at short distance (confirmed)

Madmite: A Mite, with all the standard Mite attacks; poison, linear Aoe, etc.

Wamouras: will occasionally heal themselves and use a Frontcone Poison Attack with a huge AOE and a stacking poison.

Wamouracampas: DPS Style Mob, nothing noticeable

Gadflys: Damselfly like Mob): DPS Style Mob, will randomly attack Party Members   with an medium powered AOE also have poison attacks

Hecteyes: DPS Mob, will use a paralyzing Attack. Only appears in conjunction with a Mold Colony.

Mold Colony: The Mold colony itself wont do anything except looking disgusting but as long its alive it will make Tainted Molds and Hecteyes spawn.

Tainted Mold: Killed with a single attack, will use an AOE poison attack when killed – use ranged Skills, like Shield Lob etc. or simply ignore em.

Dirty Eyes: Ahriman Style Mob with standard Skills – will only appear in the 3 Balzephon Gauntlets.

Balzephon: Creepy looking Mob that will use AOE Skills. Sometimes it will randomly teleport to a Partymember and start casting a self centered AOE Ability. – As long as the White Magestones are alive, he will get healed by them.

White Magestone: Linked to the Balzephon and will cure it. – Kill those or the Eyes first.

Ranch Wamoura – those tiny Wamouras only appear during the 2nd Boss and do not aggro make sure the Tank kills those, and no one else.

Devious Devilet: An Imp that will only appear in the First Baalzephon Gauntlet

Allotaur: Taurus Mob that will only appear in the first Baalzephon Gauntlet.

Tricky Areas:

Mold Colonies

At certain Areas you will get a Text prompt saying:
“The Mold Colony stirs”
If this happens you’ll have to fight 1 “Mold Colony”, several “Tainted Molds” and usually 2 “Hecteyes”.
The Trick to this is to kill the Colony ASAP as it will make other Tainted Molds and Hecteyes spawn.
While Hecteyes are astonishing unremarkable Mobs,  they can prolly mess up your healers if they increase in numbers.
The Tainted Molds should be simply killed, for it might be that the Hecteyes spawn from those, be aware of the AOE Poison that comes from killing them (they behave like the Fleshy Pods in Toto Rak).

fetid Fluid:

This is some yellow stuff on the ground it gets prompted with a message saying: “the fetid fluid drives the nearby monsters into a frenzy” or something similar.
Do not step into it as it will give you a DOT, much alike the purple stuff that George (Demon Wall) puts on the ground.
Pull the Mobs away from this and everything is normal, once the area is cleared the fluid will disappear.

There WILL be a Mold Colony nearby the Fluid so at that point you have to get through it and kite the mobs very close to the “mold Colony” itself.

The Balzephon Gauntlets
Thoose are by far the hardest part of the dungeon.
After the 2nd Boss you have to enter a new section of the dungeon totally unalike to the previous.
The 3rd Part basically consists of 3 platforms filled with monsters.
Its always 1 “Balzephon” 3 or 4 “White Magestones” and several Dirty Eyes, there might also be Taurus Mobs but iam not sure, there is Monsters, quite a few.

First Gauntlet:

The hardest of the 2 Gauntlets, here you have i think 4 Imps 3 Taurus and the Baalzephon, use your defensive Cooldwons and everything that maximizes your damage. Healers use Shroud of Saints and Divine Seal. Scholars might want to use Hallowed Ground and save the other 2 Aetherflows for their healing skill.
You can try to lure the trash away from the Baalzephon as he will return to the stones if pulled far enough.

Once you beat the first Gauntlet there will be another platform with a Coffer followed by the Second Gauntlet.

Second Gauntlet:

This one is easy, aggro everything (several Dirty Eyes) and pull em back, the Baalzephon will return to his platform after a few yalms. Kill the weak Eyes and then go back for the White Magestones and the Baal.

Once you are done with the Gauntlets you’re at the final Boss.


Decayed Gourmand

This fight is basically exactly the same as the fight against the “Keeper of Halidom” in the Wanderers Palace, with one significant change, at some point he will randomly mark a Partymember  (haven’t seen him marking the Tank yet) and devour that character a few seconds later.
While he has eaten a Player another part of him becomes attackable the “Voracious Maw”.
The Voracious Maw has to be killed ASAP, as the devoured Player will die pretty fast if not freed in time.

Other than that – Tank and Spank

1. Avoid AOES
2. Kill the Voracious Maw as soon it becomes attackable
3. Esuna / Leeches the debuff (impairs healing and increases damage)


This Boss is actually really simple he has some easy to avoid AOE’s and will sometimes poop a green puddle of Goo on the ground which does Damage over Time.
What makes it tricky is the fact that there is also a Mob called “Ranch Wamoura”. They do little to no damage and don’t agro at all. To get Aggro on the Boss the TANK has to kill one of those, he then will receive a debuff which actually lure the Boss towards him (which does not mean the tank wont need his Enmity abilitys). The debuff will last roughly 30 seconds. Should the debuff ever expire Arioch will start flying again and become untargetable. Please be aware he will MASSIVELY regain HP while in the Air (he healed about 50% of his HP in just a few seconds). So in Order to keep him on the ground the tank has to kill the Ranch Wamouras to keep the debuff active.
The debuff can be stacked for longer durations but since i havent tanked this yet i dunno its effect.
If you can get this done, Arioch is actually cake.
Theoretically you can use this Bosses behavior to your advantage in case someone DCs or dies, just let him deaggro  raise the dead players and start over but I dunno if he enrages or something so waiting to long might be a bad idea.

1. Avoid AOE’s
2. ONLY the Tank kills Ranch Wamouras

Final Boss: Diabolos

The Lord of Nightmares is back!
While seemingly no Primal, Diabolos is as nasty as always as he comes back with all of his signature moves like Ultimate Terror, Nightmare and Ruinous Omen.

Diabolos in itself neither hits hard or has fearsome Moves but the Mechanic you have to look after can really screw you up.

Main Mechanics:

“The Doors” – right from the start there will be 4 pairs of Doors (8 Doors in total), its imperative that you mark em instantly in pairs .
The Icons on the Doors are only visible during the first 15 seconds!!! So be quick with the marking.
Technicaly 1 Paier of Doors is enough as you have to open both by yourself.
The Thing is when Diabolos readies Ruinous Omen, before Diabolos finishes you have to open the paired Doors in order to avoid the Damage of Ruinous Omen.
Be aware that you still have to time it as the animation that will make you avoid the attack can finish before Diabolos and if that happens you are pretty much screwed.

“Damage increasing Debuff” – Ruinous Omen / the usage of the Doors as well as Ultimate Terror will place one or more Stacks of a Debuff on each Player.
This will not only make his attacks more deadly but also last the Sleep effect of Nightmare abit longer.
In case you should not be able to dodge a Ruinous Omen it will place 5! Stacks on you!


Ruinous Omen: Raidwide AOE with very high damage, everyone at the minimum or a very low iLvl will probably die instantly. – Avoid this attack by opening the correct Door.

Ultimate Terror: Damaging attack that also will put the Debuff on everyone hit. Can be avoided by standing close to Diabolos (much like Sirens move)

Nightmare: will put a short Sleep effect on everyone. Wont do anything to anyone without a Debuff, should be stunned if stacks are high.

Gravity Ball: He will randomly mark a Player and throw an Orb at that player. Thoose Orbs create a lasting Damage effect akin to the Clouds that the final Boss in Amdapor Keep will spawn. They do considerably high damage and will also put gravity on everyone hit which makes it impossible to open the doors in time or get close to Diabolos  in case of Ultimate Terror.

Diabolos will use that attack without warning after each Ruinous Omen, so don’t run directly to the center when you evaded Ruinous Omen.

1. Mark Doors immedately after the fight begins – you have 15 seconds to mark a set of doors.
2. Avoid Gravity Balls, if you are targeted move between 2 doors, that way the Damge and Gravity effect is outta the way.
3. When Diabolos readies Ruinous Omen – he will announce this by talking a few lines – open the correct Door to avoid the Attack.
4. When Diabolos uses Ultimate Terror – go hug him or use Stun
5. When Diabolos uses Nightmare – ignore it or Stun


Several Darklight Items as well as seperate lvl 70 Sets.

Overall i find this Dungeon very entertaining and the design is pretty well done. It can be hard but its nowhere close as annoying or laggy as Pharos Sirius was in the Beginning, plus it has one of my favorite Avatars.

Kardor Lichtenfels

WHM: Zenith (Lvl91)
SMN: Zenith (lvl80)
PLD: Zenith (lvl 86)
SCH: (Lvl 86 - Tome of Ifrit)

Culinarian: 50 (Master I)
Weaver: 50
Botanist: 50
Fisher: 50
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