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Welcome to HonorableIntegrity!
Rules and Guidelines!
Rules of the LS will be posted here! PLEASE READ!!
Applications for HI on FFXI
For Honorable Integrity on Cerberus.
Applications for HI on FFXIV
For Honorable Integrity on Sargantas.
Removed and the reason why
Here is where you will find the people we decide arent family material and why we think that :) All decisions are approved by 4+ officers and at least 2 non sack holders (6 votes in total)
Dumbasses who make you laugh(or just dumbasses)
For the ppl who just do totally stupid shit or are complete assholes post em here!
Helpful Links
Please post all helpful virus free links we find here for 14 info.
General Chatter

Fun Stuff
Player of the Month!!!

Aby Clears
Post Which Aby areas u have and/or need Cleared.
group 6

Old Posts from FFXI
Under Construction. This will be where we post everything Sky.
Empy Weapons

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